fewer than 5% of entrepreneurial ventures succeed

only 3 products out of every 3,000 ideas actually launch

put your future in the right hands

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our mission

We help newly launched technology ventures meet the challenges of growing successful businesses.

We build their capabilities to anticipate these challenges and address them before the impact financial performance. 


our approach 

The path to growth has many speed bumps.  Experienced entrepreneurs know where these are, but the new ventures may not.

Managing these known risks to growth can reduce total enterprise risk by up to 50%.

our product 

We provide a platform to accelerate the building of new ventures into high-growth businesses. 

We equip them with the tools, business expertise and performance management framework to succeed.

we will help you...

  • Find where the real markets are
  • Get traction quickly
  • Show where you can win
  • Build a technical team that acts as business entrepreneurs
  • Find how experienced entrepreneurs meet the challenges of growth
  • Address issues before they impact performance

by providing ...

  • Techniques to discover market opportunities
  • Workshops to prepare the venture team for what's ahead
  • Ongoing training and support to build business capabilities
  • Intelligent systems that flag potential issues
  • Powerful governance systems to keep things on track

our clients

our founder & ceo

Dr. Gerald Ross and his team help newly launched technology ventures meet the challenges building successful businesses.   In the energy sector, he worked with a major utility to launch a new wind power company and an aftermarket installation business that grew successfully and were later bought by Duke Energy and Walmart respectively.  He helped a west coast utility prepare a new energy startup to meet the business challenges of commercialization.  In the bio-refinery industry, he has worked with a major forest products company to launch a world-class venture to commercialize nanocrystalline cellulose and new lignin-based technologies.