Who We Are

Rubicon was founded in 2007 to prepare tech startup teams to succeed. Dr. Ross and his team developed an advanced decision support system to dramatically accelerate their performance.

Like caregivers, technical people face unknown business challenges where they have no prior experience, no time to waste and success is critical.  

In 2016, Rubicon developed the CareFyt™Advisor to apply this technology to caregivers and their families, blindsided by a whole new universe of responsibilities.

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Our Founder

Dr. Ross, Rubicon's Founder, served as the Dean of Management at McGill, with programs in Japan, India, the UK, China, France and South East Asia.

He and his team have developed advanced decision support systems that dramatically accelerate time-to-performance, where responsiveness is critical.

Prior to McGill, he was Managing Director at Change Lab International, ranked by the Gartner Group as one of the top six specialty firms in change management.