Features Overview

Caregivers can be overwhelmed by the overload of material on websites, blogs, articles and videos. The content is a smorgasbord that can vary widely in quality. More confusion, not less, can be the result.


1st Responder

Our 1st Responder provides a single point of personal contact. She is the focal point to answer all the critical questions caregivers need to understand up front.  

She equips caregivers with our our CareFyt™ Pilot as a survival kit that lays out a roadmap for the next steps.

She then mobilizes a network of trusted professionals for support who can respond on demand.


Circle of Support Network™ (CSN)

The impact on caregivers can be stressful and time consuming. Simply managing the search and touring process to find a residence can easily exceed 100 hours. Finding the right notary, caregiving agency, financial planner, moving company, physiotherapist, etc. can be overwhelming.

The Circle of Support Network™ simplifies caregivers’ lives by providing on demand access to a network of trusted professionals on call.



Since the journey may be long, caregivers can join an ongoing network of their peers both for learning innovative ways of coping and for mutual support.

A primary objective is for caregivers to reboot their personal and social lives that may have been decimated by their new roles.