Care for Caregiver Families

Not sure where to turn?

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5 things you can do right now that you will be glad you did...

  1. Ensure you have the authority to take over day-to-day administrative chores

  2. Create a gameplan to make the best use of the resources you have

  3. Start to declutter and downsize before you have to

  4. Keep the whole family on the same page on day-to-day decisions

  5. Identify what professional resources will be required before they are needed

CareFyt™ Vision

We provide one point of contact to help you and your family address the full range of support needs.

We simplify life by bypassing the confusing array of websites, blogs, videos and articles.

Getting Started

Becoming a caregiver can be uncharted territory for families who suddenly must cope with new realities. CareFyt™ provides:

Your Personal Care Coach who can quickly determine your immediate support needs and answer critical questions

1 Point of contact to mobilize a network of trusted professional resources for support

A Clear Roadmap showing the waypoints and choices for the journey ahead

Let’s talk, it's free…

Our CareFyt™ Coach is available now at:

1 (866) 294-2323


Circle of Support Network

Our Circle of Support Network (CSN™) saves precious time by providing on demand access to a network of trusted professionals on call.

The Network provides 360º support across the full range of professional needs, such as legal, financial, home care, family, relocation and personal issues.

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Gain control!


Gain Control

The impact of a diagnosis for a chronic disease can be stressful and time consuming. Simply managing the search and touring process to find a residence can easily exceed 100 hours. Finding the right notary, caregiving agency, financial planner, moving company, physiotherapist, etc. can be overwhelming.