Technology Ventures
Getting Lift-Off

The Challenge…

Fewer than 1 in 40 technology ventures survive past the first round of financing.  For the rest, only 4% reach $1m sales and 0.4% reach $10m.

The major risks can be overcome by equipping technical people with the business know-how they need to win.

Beat the Odds…

Getting the first sales can take much longer than first thought.  Spinning wheels, new ventures can run out of cash and investors run out of patience.

The ByzFit™ Pilot is a powerful tool to discover the real market opportunities, invisible to competitors, and to successfully scale the business.

Take Control…

We prepare new ventures to manage high-growth businesses. They:

  1. Prepare - Jump start the team
    The ByzFit™ Pilot maps the paths taken by successful entrepreneurs so the whole team can get up to speed fast.

  2. Practice - Team “workouts”
    Short problem-solving “workouts” to implement tough decisions, facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs. 

  3. Perform - Get ahead of the game
    Early warning metrics, the Key Growth Indicators (KGIs™), that track what’s working and what’s not.  They lead financial performance by 1-2 years.

Technology Ventures Launched…

  • Nano Crystalline Cellulose

  • Wind power generation

  • Solar power installation services

  • Cellulose filament technology

  • Integrated energy solutions

  • Biomaterial performance materials

  • Mass customization for windows